Underwater Boat Light

Doing a transom-mount with the light does require a 1/2-inch through-hole, so some ability and attention is needed. It would also be readily possible to build a portable clamp-mount system even a shallow drop system for the SeaBlazeX, or. This is the top-selling vessel mount LED in its own course, and Lumitec is known for good customer service and support. On the other side of this permanent mount category are boat-mounted lighting . As with dock lights, within this range we also discovered a clear leader in terms of quality, features, and purpose. Choose the very best because when it comes to mounting something on your ship, you do not need to have to do it twice. It draws just 5.0 Amps on a 12-volt system, or even 2.5 Amps on 24 volts, so it's no problem to run it for a few hours at anchor. We had been impressed by the quality build of this Americanmade light. The housing is solid marine-grade bronze alloy, using a crystal clear sealed lens. It is also fun to utilize its super-br